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“Panangarukka” Lyrical Video from “SIR” Movie Released: A Musical Treat for Fans

The anticipation surrounding the Tamil movie “SIR” has reached a fever pitch with the release of the lyrical video for its song “Panangarukka.” Featuring a stellar cast including Vemal, Chaya Devi Kannan, Saravanan, Siraj S. and others, the song has already begun to create waves in the music and film industry.

The lyrical video for “Panangarukka” showcases the powerful vocals of renowned singers GV Prakash and Saindhavi. The lyrical prowess of Viveka is evident in the song’s lyrics, while Dinesh Master’s choreography brings a dynamic visual element that enhances the listening experience. Produced by the talented Siddhu Kumar, “Panangarukka” is a testament to musical excellence. Additional programming was skillfully managed by AK Priyan, Lakshmikanth M, and Vamsi Krishnan. The song features additional vocals from Nalini Vitobane, Lakshmikanth M, and AK Priyan, enriching its auditory appeal. The instrumental section, including guitars by Godfray Immanuel and woodwinds by Lalit Talluri, adds depth and dimension to the track. Lakshmikanth M also contributed as the vocal producer, ensuring a harmonious blend of all elements. The song was mixed and mastered by Abin Pushpakaran at Blu Academy, and recorded by engineers Avinash at Sounds Right Studio and Benny Phelixx at Blu Academy. Siddhu Kumar’s manager, Nirmal Lawrence of Silver Tree Artist Management, played a crucial role in coordinating the project.

Directed by Bose Venkat, “SIR” is poised to be a cinematic milestone. The film is presented by the acclaimed VetriMaaran and Grass Root Film Company, with production led by Siraj S and Nilofer Siraj under the banner of SSS Pictures. The executive production was handled by Kannan, ensuring a high-quality production from start to finish.

The cast features an array of talented actors including Vemal, Chaya Devi Kannan, Siraj S, Saravanan, Rama, and JaiyaBalan. With a compelling story, screenplay, and direction by Bose Venkat, “SIR” promises to deliver a gripping narrative. The technical crew of “SIR” is equally impressive. Iniyan J Harish’s cinematography captures the essence of the film, while editor Sreejith Sarang ensures a seamless flow of the story. The visual effects, managed by Pixel Light Studio, add a layer of sophistication and realism to the film.

Sound mixing by Siva Kumar creates an immersive auditory experience, and art director Bharathi Buddha has designed stunning sets that bring the film’s world to life. Tamil dialogues by Suguna Diwakar add authenticity and depth to the narrative. The promotional campaign for “SIR” is in full swing, with Sugumar from Kalakal Cinemas serving as the promotional consultant and PRO Sathish Kumar managing media relations. Their efforts have significantly boosted the film’s visibility and anticipation among audiences.

The release of the “Panangarukka” lyrical video marks an exciting milestone in the lead-up to the premiere of “SIR.” Fans are eagerly awaiting the full film, which promises to be a blend of musical brilliance and cinematic excellence. “Panangarukka” has set high expectations for the “SIR” movie, with its melodic charm and visually appealing choreography. As the film’s release date approaches, audiences can look forward to experiencing a story that combines stellar performances, technical expertise, and a memorable soundtrack. Stay tuned for more updates and immerse yourself in the musical journey of “Panangarukka” today.

Casting ad: Siraj S

Produced: Siraj S, Nilofer Siraj

Production name: SSS Pictures

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